Topics and Skills

  • The activity of Europulse is centered on the designs and manufacture of electric pulses generators and switching equipments covering a range of voltage and current levels that can extend to more than one million volts and many hundred kiloamps.One of the specificities of our company is that most of our products are designed on customer requests.

Our products are used in the following topics :

  •    – NEMP (Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse), EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility),
  •    – UWB (Ultra Wide Band).
  •    – Electromagnetic simulations.
  •    – Pulse power components test.
  •    – Detonic and Ballistics.
  •    – Pyrotechnic.
  •    – Foods and medical pulsed electric field.

Our know how is in touch with the following disciplines :

  •    – High voltage and high current techniques,
  •    – Impulse techniques.
  •    – Electromagnetism.
  •    – Pulsed X-Rays and electrons.
  •    – Numerical circuits simulations.
  •    – Analogic and digital electronic.
  •    – Mechanical engineering.
  •    – Vacuum.

Our Units<:

  •     MV, kV, V, MA, kA, A, C, MV/m, kV/m, MeV, keV, eV, kW, W, mW, nH, µH, mH, pF, nF, µF, ps, ns,
  •     µs, ms, MJ, kJ, J, TW, MW, kW, W, GHz, MHz, kHz, Hz, Rad, Sv,